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For over 20 years, we have been serving up the best pizza in Gulfport Florida!  
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Call to Order 727-345-0097
Our Large Deluxe before cooking tops the scales at above five pounds!!
Our Deluxe pizza with onions, peppers, mushrooms, olives, bacon, ham, sausage, pepperoni and extra cheese.
Steak & Cheese Sub, with onion, green peppers and mushrooms with mozzarella cheese melted on a toasty sub roll.
Cheese Calzone, ricotta, mozzarella and romano cheese. (any toppings you can add to a pizza we can stuff a calzone with) brushed with garlic butter after cooking to a nice golden brown.
Our Meatball Parmesan, homemade all beef (black angus) meatballs. Topped with meat sauce and mozzarella cheese then baked to perfection.
One of our White pizzas, A Tomato & Garlic White (NO SAUCE), topped with mozzarella cheese

At Fazio's Pizza we strive to keep the lowest prices possible without the use of coupons. Compare our regular prices to their coupon prices and you'll see what I mean, please keep in mind the wording used in the size of the pizza our Large is a 16" pizza as where most others are only a 14" (our medium) With that said, if you feel it neccessary to use a coupon we will match it as closely as possible to please you. So bring in any local competitors coupon and we will meet it or beat it!! Pick up only please, Thank You, ~Fazio's~ 
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To Order Call 727-345-0097        Tuesday-Saturday
11am-9pm (Deliveries after 3pm)
We currently do not take orders via web​ or email